FAQ: Coupons

More value for your money.

There are many motivators for anyone to go on learning. And let’s face it, one of them is money. For the price you pay, you will get a learning experience and improve skills. But you will also get something called Coupons. What are those?

Coupons are a system of rewards. Basically, depending on the service you have purchased, you will get a coupon which will give you a discount for future purchases. The bigger your purchase, the bigger the voucher you get.

A reward for your hard work.

Coupons are a reward for your trust when you first try learning with me. But not only that: they are a reward to motivate you to continue. So coupons are not only something to hook you up the first time. You still get the same coupons for the same purchase if you repeat it.

Money makes the world go round. But how much?

Coupons are a percentage of the amount you paid for your training (previous coupons that have been cashed do not count for that total).

e.g.: You take a training that costs 100 € and carries a 12€ coupon. You take another training for the same amount, 100€, but you apply the 12€ coupon. The next coupon would be the same percentage (12%) but based on 88€, not 100€.

The coupon you get depends on several factors: the type of training, the mode (self-contained vs. homework) and whether your training is just an individual unit or you buy a number of units (up to 30 units at one time). Coupons range from 2% to 49% depending on these factors.

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