General information

All training options can be taken in two formats: self-contained and homework. All training options can take place face-to-face (venue to be agreed), by videoconference (skype© or similar) or on the phone, with the exception of pronunciation coaching, which can only be taken face-to-face.

All training options include a coupon, between 5% and 50%, depending on the training options and purchase amount. Learn more about coupons here.


Self-contained training means that all activities are carried out during the training sessions. Documentation will be given to the learners in advance of the training session. No homework or additional activities are required. 


Homework training means that the training sessions involve additional work for the learner, which is given to the learner before the training session takes place. This homework must be completed and returned by the student before the training session can be scheduled. The training session will only be scheduled once the learner’s homework is reviewed and approved, in which case the learner is ready for the training session.

Individual Training Formats

Learning Bites!

Learning bites consist of 1-hour training sessions in which a specific topic is practised. Topics are chosen from a catalogue, although additional topics can be proposed or requested.

Learning bites can be extended to 2 hours for specific topics or upon request.

Rate: 30€/45€

Purchase options: 1h/5h/10h/20h/30h (1h : 1 learning bite)

Coupons:  (Ask for a quote) What are coupons?

Learning Days!

What do you call a 5-hour Learning Bite? A Learning-day! These five hours include 2 small breaks (5 minutes) and a 20 minute break with refreshments.

Learning Days can be extended upon request.

Rate: 32€/48€

Purchase options: 5h/10h/20h/30h (5h : 1 learning day)

Coupons:  (Ask for a quote) What are coupons?

1-to-1 (long term)

For long-term goals, long term soutions.

Rate: 30€/45€

Purchase options: 10h/20h/30h (1h : 1 learning bite)

Coupons: (Ask for a quote) What are coupons?

Pronunciation Coaching

If you need more than just fluency, working on your pronunciation will take you to the next level.

Rate: 100€/150€

Purchase options: 1h/5h/10h/20h/30h (1h : 1 pronunciation coaching session)

Coupons: (Ask for a quote) What are coupons?

Group Training Formats 

General conditions

Group training formats follow the same general rules as their individual equivalents. However some differences apply.

Groups can include between 2 and 4 learners.

Since they are group activities, a minimum of two present students is required, of those signed up for the training. If only one student shows up, the training is cancelled (not refundable) for as long as additional students do not show up.


The same rates apply as for individual formats. Hour fractions up to and including 30 minutes will be billed as a half hour (e.g. 15€/22.5€). Hour fractions above that (e.g. 45 minutes) will be billed as a full hour (e.g. 30€/45€)

  • The following ratio is applied:
  • First student: 100% (e.g. 30€/45€ per hour.)
  • Second student: 75% (i.e 25% direct discount)
  • Third student: 50% (i.e. 50% direct discount)
  • Fourth student: 25% (i.e. 75% direct discount)


Learning Bites Extended!

See Learning Bites! above for general conditions.

Duration of the training: in contrast with individual Learning Bites!, which last 60 minutes, group Learning Bites! last longer, depending on the number of students:

  • 2 students: 90 minutes
  • 3 students: 120 minutes
  • 4 students: 150 minutes

Learning Days Extended!

See Learning Days! above for general conditions.

Duration of the training: in contrast with individual Learning Bites!, which last 5 hours, group Learning Bites! last longer, depending on the number of students. Note: a maximum of 5 hours will be covered in one day:

  • 2 students: 7 hours 30 minutes (Over two days)
  • 3 students: 10 hours (Over two days)
  • 4 students: 12 and 30 minutes (Over three days)