Acquiring professional skills in English is like acquiring them in your own language. Do you remember your first job and how you felt unprepared? Maybe not about your knowledge, but about how things were done? You knew how to speak to people, but maybe you did not know how one speaks to their boss. Or you knew how to write, but you did not know the rules for a report within that company.

Do I need to learn everything again?

If you know how to do something in your own language (e.g. writing a report) or you know how to write well in a generic way in English (communicative skills), then your learning process will be much smoother. However, you might be surprised at how the same activity is carried out in English.

“This is how we do things around  here.”

When learning professional and life skills we move away from the practice of using the language devoid of all the cultural and societal issues that affect our choices in real life. From taboos to traditions or unquestioned rules that seem to be just nonsense but aren’t. Or what simply doesn’t feel right.

With every step in the process (see the three layers) we move away from pure combination of elements and their objective meaning (a box is just a box, right?) and into the deep waters of real life interaction. Are you ready for this?

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