The “milestones” system is called like this because of the learning milestones that structure it.


These are 60 minute face-to-face or online interactions with your coach (that’s me!). The contents of each of these milestones depend entirely on the learner’s preparation in the hours/days/weeks before the session. There is no set frequency for the sessions, so the pace is entirely up to you.

You only “go to class” when you are ready. This is designed to adapt to your schedule and your needs and reduce stress. Also it has the goal of avoiding the feeling of wasted time and subsequent frustration. Moreover, it is based on a very simple principle: what you can do alone, does not need to be done in the session. Once you are ready (you have done your homework, you have sent it to me for correction / feedback) then we make an appointment for your session. After the session, I will give you homework for the next session and the cycle starts again.


The money you spend depends on:

  1. The area you are interested in (see the three layer approach)
  2. The number of sessions you purchase. The bigger the number, the bigger the voucher.
  3. Whether cancellations are done on time or late.
  4. whether the sessions are individual or a group.

What does the price include?

  1. The cost of the sixty-minute sessions.
  2. The cost of the follow-up, including correcting and feedback for your homework.
  3. Flexible scheduling! (Subject to availability)

Ask for a quote: use the contact form on the main page.


Everyone has to cancel some class sometimes. Shit happens. Good shit, bad shit.  It just happens. Last minute meetings, traffic jams, sick children… you name it. What if I told you that you get money for cancellations? If you cancel within certain limits of a confirmed session, you receive a compensation voucher for a future purchase. The bigger the margin the bigger the voucher. It pays to cancel on time!

However if there were too many cancellations (even well ahead), once you exceed the limit, your training program will be cancelled completely and you will  lose your remaining sessions as well as any vouchers you might not have cashed in yet.

As usual, if you would like to receive more info, just shout… or better, leave a message.