Think. Plan. Do.

When you are going to do the shopping you sit down and make a list. Sometimes you can make it on the go, but more often than not you need to look into the fridge to see what is there already. Even ask other members of the household for input.

This is what Coaching for English is about.

Coaching for English is for anyone, and you do not need to do the actual learning with me. Still I might be able to help you and your teacher (even if that isn’t me!) reach your goals by bringing clarity and sense to your learning process.

Who are you? Come as you are.

In all human interactions knowing people is important: their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses… so in order to help you learn, I need to know you.  This is a safe space: all minorities are welcome. I want to know about your learning history. Besides, I want you to reflect on your learning history.  Embarrasing episodes included: we will laugh together and learn from them.

Your personal history, beyond your learning experience is also relevant. Who you were, who you are and who you might be in the future affect what, when and how you learn from now on.

What can you already do? Let’s add on that.

Unless you are a total beginner you can do a number of things in English. Give yourself credit for that. Celebrate it. don’t obsess about what you can’t do yet. Concentrate on using what you can do to expand. Learning a language is in our DNA. The things preventing you from learning are not connected with your ability. It is usually a sense of ridicule. Bin it. remember this is your safe space: be a clown, be silly if you feel like it. Just concentrate on learning. And have fun as you go.

What would you want to achieve? Whatever it is, we’ll find a way.

Be bold. Be brave. Be ambitious. There is always time for a reality check. Dreams are what keep us going. I am not asking you about what you would like to learn. I am asking you what you would like to achieve with the skills you learnt. If you could do X, you would achieve Y and you would be able to enjoy Z. Tell me about that journey. Remind yourself about that journey. You put it away somewhere in your sock drawer. Let’s have a look at it. There is always time to give up.

What motivates you? And I really mean you.

What keeps you going? What fires your determination towards your goals? Are those your goals or someone else’s? If they are not your personal motivations, why are you motivated by them? Are they part of your bigger plan? Are they a means to an end? Let’s reflect on that end.

What does the future hold for you? Against all odds.

Let’s not forget reality, shall we? If you want to achieve your dreams, let’s not forget the current situation. Where do you stand? Where are you coming from and most importantly, which forces out of your control will shape your future. Once we identify those, we can figure a way to go with the tide and still go where you would like to be.

A better you, a better life? In English of course!

It all boils down to one thing: being happier, living better… and see how learning English skills can help you achieve that. Any questions? Just ask!