When you are going to do the shopping you sit down and make a list. Sometimes you can make it on the go, but more often than not you need to look into the fridge to see what is there already. Even ask other members of the household for input.

This is what Learning Strategic Planning is about.

In more detail:

  • Your English learning past experience. We will go through your English learning experience from its start to the present
  • A holistic approach. We will also go through your whole life to see how your learning dreams and hopes fit your more realistic needs and your current lifestyle.
  • SWOT analysis. If you work in business you will be familiar with this. If not, this is about analyzing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. We will make lists of the adjustments you need to make before you get ready to learn. In this way, chances of learning success will be resources you need to secure and most importantly, because we are human, the changes in mentality and attitudes to learning necessary to achieve your goals.
  • Planning your next steps. We will go through the process of building a strategy and creating the steps and the milestones. It always feels good to quantify progress. It is difficult to do when you are learning a language but what we can do is pinpoint your achievements. And give yourself credit for your achievements, no matter how small.

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