So your language skills are good: your grammar is in control, your vocabulary is varied enough. What can you do with it? Communicative skills are those abilities that you can use in different situations. For example asking for permission,  apologizing, defending an idea, explaining a concept…

These skills are the reason why you need to learn to use grammar and vocabulary with enough precision and accuracy. Besides, these skills are the foundation for any language related professional or life skills.

The importance of communicative skills.

We speak for a reason. As a human ability, we speak as a form to interact with each other. We do not live alone. Except in the moments where we are truly alone, we spend most of our time in communicative situations. And yes, watching netflix is a communicative situation too.

Even when we are passively receiving information, we do it for a reason, even if that reason is “not thinking”. By the way, we are never “not thinking”. Unless you were dead, in which case you would not be reading this. However, it is when we are actively communicating that we are more conscious of our agenda.

Everybody wants something when they speak, when they listen, when they write and when they read. We can be just looking for information. But why are we looking for it? Besides the  sheer pleasure of learning things, we may be looking for input to make decisions (that is why in English we have the expression “making an informed decision”). Alternatively we might be gathering information to build a strategy – maybe in order to demolish our rival’s point and win an argument. The list is endless.

We all have an agenda. All the time. Sometimes innocent, other times not so much. Communicative skills are the ways to achieve that agenda through language. 

Why will my life be better if I improve my communicative skills?

Whenever you need to achieve any goals and you use English, you will be using your communicative skills. So the return on your investment – time, effort and money – is guaranteed.  You will be able to set events in motion, trigger people’s reactions the way you want them to. Persuade and disuade. In short: do things with words in an effective manner. You will earn more money with less effort. You will sleep better. You will feel more in control of your actions and your life. You will have more time for yourself. You will achieve more in life. I am not exaggerating!

So if you would like to learn more , get in contact!